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News / Articles

2012 X Inland, Delevan

Michele Heinze  | Published on 10/7/2012

Team Nagawicka headed to the X Inland Championships in Delevan, WI.   Families arrived, boats were launched and the Team attended the Opening Ceremonies where they heard Buddy Melges give them some words of wisdom.  


After day one, three races were completed with Junior Fleet standings: N-8 Nathan Anderson and Carson Heinze in 8th, N-181 Alex Keck and Malloy Murphy in 10th. Sean Nigel placed 2nd in the last race of the day for the Seniors. 

Day two the Junior fleet sailed four races.  N-525 Jack Behrend and Emma Birbaum took a 3, 5, 1, 1 moving them up to 2nd place. Alex Keck moved up to 7th with some consistent sailing followed by Nathan Anderson in 8th.  Nagawicka had 3 top ten finishes in the last race of day two placing 1st (Behrend), 2nd (Anderson), and 7th (Stuckart).  

The final day of racing lead to a win for N-45 Sean Nigel and Kendall Birbaum.

Winning the 7th race in both the Senior and Junior fleet, Sean Nigel and Jack Behrend received a Snake and Snuff Trophy (NLYC Members).


Final Results:

Junior Fleet: N-525 Jack Behrend &  Emma Birbaum 1st 

N-181 Alex Keck & Malloy Murphy 7th

N-8 Nathan Anderson  &  Carson Heinze 9th

N-27 Avery Stuckart & JP Munich 14th

N-73 Jack Tegeder & Paul McLean 34th

Senior Fleet: N-45 Sean Nigel & Kendall Birbaum 8th

N-24 Ethan Heinze & William Perry 37th


           X Inland Junior Champs N-525


9th place Nathan and Carson 

 7th place Alex and Malloy


14th place Avery and JP

8th place Senior Fleet Sean and Kendall


                 Thank you to our coaches Ryan Grosch and Connor Trepton!

         Congrats Team Nagawicka!!!