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News / Articles

Oshkosh X-Treme Regatta

Michele Heinze  | Published on 10/7/2012

X-Boats Head to Oshkosh XTreme

N-45 Sean Nigel with crew Emma Birbaum finish in 5th place at Oshkosh Xtreme Regatta.  The first day of sailing was hot, windy and wavy when a fleet of 41 took to the water.  The second day of racing led to more cooperative weather and Nigel won race #3 and took 2nd in race #4.   Nagawicka boats finished strong in race #4 with Nathan Anderson taking 3rd right behind Nigel and Avery Stuckart finishing in 4th. Nathan Anderson was one place out of the trophies finishing in 11th.  Stuckart was 24th and Heinze finished in 32nd.  Great job everyone!